New Asian Writing interview on the pleasures and perils of writing fiction.

“No thought or feeling or response to the world feels real unless I write them down. Writing to me is the only way to make sense of a mostly incomprehensible world.”

Kitaab interview on A Happy Place and Other Stories.

“The city is as much a character as the people whose lives the stories trace. The larger theme that binds the stories together is the complexity of urban life and our endless search for a ‘happy’ place.”

Flinders University “Writers in Conversation” interview on the art and craft of fiction.

“When an idea ‘possesses’ me, I know it is the start of something worth pursuing. Anything can be the trigger – a conversation in the street, an upheaval in a friend’s life, a newspaper report I happened to read, a walk down a deserted alley, a wait at a crowded airport. There is no saying what will set off that spark.”


“Vineetha Mokkil has done well, more so because she has chosen the manifold desires and pressures of dense city living to mark out her stories, which is a prickly task, at best.”

“There are the blockbuster stories which will grip you […] But the stories that stay with the reader are the ones discovered when you read the volume a second time.”

“Mokkil experiments with voice and narrative technique that lend a freshness to each of the stories.”

“If there is a leitmotif, it is city life, in all its complex formulations.”

“The writing is sharp and eloquent, offering fleeting glimpses into the raw ache of human experience. There are definite gems scattered amongst this eclectic collection…”

“Vineetha Mokkil seems to have found a winning mix as she combines contemporary themes […] with age-old techniques of short story writing.”

“The themes are new… Each story offers a kind of release and hope”